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Year 5 Music

Task 1

Create a Google Slide in you folder  called the file 'Elements of Music'

Create a slide called 'Duration' Included the definition and words that you can use to describe this concept.

Task 2

Complete listening sheet 'My Island Home listening sheet' in your Google Drive account-- music folder.

Research task

With a partner or a group of three. Create a Google Slide Show on Indian music including the following items



1. Title Page "Indian Music"

2. Traditional Instruments of India

3. Famous Indian musicians

4. Different styles of music found in India

5. Links / embed youtube videos of famous Indian Music

6. Weblinks to pages that you found your information.


Included images, links and videos. Remember to place file in your music folder




How to create a google slide and share....


1. All go to your google drive site

2. One person in your group creates a google slide by hitting the new button (Red button on the left of the screen)

3. Call the slide show "Indian Music"

4. Press the blue share button and start typing the last name of the members of your group. They should come up as an option.

5. The other members will find the file in the  Shared with me area of google drive.

6. All members drag the file into their music folder in google drives and click OK.

7. Start working on the slide show at the same time.