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Be Brave

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Year 5 Music

Composition Task

(Due: Week 7)


Work Samples


Assessment FOR Learning


In noteflight using the Hill and Gully template

1. Student are to fill in the missing bars with their own creative melody.

2. Students to create a bass line to accompany the melody. Students must use the notes of the Pentatonic scale











Scores are to be submitted in PDF format on google drive.


Students to complete peer and self evaluations using the comment option on Noteflight.

Once completed and you are happy

1. Goto File menu --- Print-- as PDF into your Google drive account for Mr George to mark watch help video if unsure about how to do this.

2. Self assess in the comment bar- Star, star, wish (Good long meaningful reflections)

3. Peer assess three compositions from year 5 (Star, star wish)

Performance Task

 (Due: Week 8)


C Pentatonic Scale

Assessment FOR Learning


Students to improvise four bars on xylophone within the structure of 'Me Stone'. Students are to use a variety of different rhythms and the notes C pentatonic scale.


Students to perform improvisation to Mr George for marking.


Listening Task

 (Due: Week 9)